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Only registered real estate brokers and salespeople and mortgage brokers in the USA and Canada may join. If you have a professional designation such as CCIM, CIPS, etc. you are also encouraged to join. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you. 

Global Executive Membership

You can get started by printing out the orientation.pdf file that has all the instructions. Please make an appointment for assistance, questions, a demonstration and/or to get started.

Personal attention, one on one, no matter where in the world you are located.

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Start Networking Today With the World

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$319/year or $40/month

Includes VIP Executive Membership Corporate Card

Your customers expect the best. They want you to take advantage of technology. Give it to them. Join Today

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Built for every real estate broker and salesperson in the world.

Upon payment, you can print out a receipt. You will also receive a receipt by EMail. 

Join One Time Per Member Special To Start See Surprise Special

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$319/year or $40/month

If you have referred a member 25% off.

Additional Referrals +3 months for each one.
VIP Executive Membership Corporate Card if you do not have one.

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You could be a member for ten years and the total cost would be $3,190. One referral makes more than that. One deal substantially more. See the testimonials and think about the return on investment (ROI).

Upon payment, you can print out a receipt. You will also receive a receipt by EMail.


Membership Has Its Benefits

ROI Return on Investment. Here is one for you, $319 to join and members making $100,000 to $1,000,000+ Calculate that ROI.
See them doing it. All while creating wealth for all their customers.

Unlimited Ads

Place every buyer Want on here.

Advertise your real estate board listings.

Network Have and Want opportunities that are not on real estate boards at the moment.

Please take our training on how to do this properly.

Reaching a Global Audience since 1994 with people from 138 countries daily, weekly, monthly.

20,000 EMails deliver Information to the public and the real estate industry daily.

Your listings, Haves and Wants can appear on 1,500+ other brokers websites.

Widgets for your website display listings, Have and Want opportunities on YOUR website.

An Exclusive Menu Button. It is like having real estate classified ads on YOUR website. As a member, people can not click on the message Ads on YOUR website. They have to call you.

ICIWorld App for your mobile devices. Access to 30,000+ contacts to do business.

Access to Database 2 FSBO Area. For Sale By Owner. More.

Training and assistance by way of recorded video, printouts, webinars, seminars, one on one Webinars by appointment 

Personal assistance by appointment no matter where in the world you are located using GoToMeeting software.

Assistance by Appointment 

Orientation PDF File

This is the full instructions.

It is a like a pilot's checklist for a real estate broker and salesperson. 

This is to ensure you are doing business every 90 days. Otherwise give us a chance to help. 

Our Pledge

Measure your membership every 90 days. 

Measure your success with Our Pledge.

Never go longer than 90 days without either doing a deal or referral or at the very least triggering leads that you feel will lead to doing a deal someday.

Otherwise, give us a chance to help.

There are 4 billion people using the Internet.

VIP Corporate Card

For Executive Members

The ICIWorld Corporate VIP Card entitles you to discounts on almost 300 vendors.

If you use it, it can save you more than the cost of joining.

Members have saved $200 buying a laptop, $200 renting a car, $80 Cineplex Tickets, and  more.

First words of Bill Gates to Warren Buffet about the Internet

“the cost to publish your information, getting your message in front of someone, talking with people around the world is zero or so close to zero it doesn't make any difference.”

Networking Worldwide Since 1994

Being on this service is like being in a convention hall with thousands of people interested in real estate. 

Would you like to know what they are all working on?

Would you like to let them ALL know what you are working on?

You've got it here.

Very few will tell you about this service. It is a very competitive game. And the advantage is the people in the know have the contacts here.

And you will be making contacts. You will build your CRM from contacts made.

Although many keep this service quiet for themselves we think in the long run the better it is to tell everyone because the more opportunities that are presented here the better chances everyone has to connect with others to do deals.

Timing is everything and with new listings, Haves and Wants coming in daily, these are the people who are motivated. The good buyers that you know may have their plate full. By reaching out here, you reach a world market.

We've said it before and we will say it again. Members (talk to them) are making tens of thousands of dollars, hundreds of thousands of dollars and now some over $1M.

Another stat, the largest sale on TREB (a real estate board with 44,000 members) was $28M. ICIWorld members have done two deals over $50M. One had fourteen offers from almost all of the major companies in Toronto, but it was two members of ICIWorld who did the deal.

The great news is that you can and should do both. We simply state that you should include ICIWorld in your marketing plans either by getting your broker to join or using a member broker, otherwise you can easily be missing doing deals and not realize it.

And you can be missing achieving the highest and best price and terms for your clients if you do no include ICIWorld in your marketing as has been proven here.

All assistance is provided over the Internet in your home or business office. No matter where in the world you are located using GoToMeeting Software. 

One On One Assistance Over the Internet By Appointment

Make an appointment with us and see how good it works. From the mountains in Nepal, Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, Vanuatu in the Pacific, Ecuador, USA and Canada.

Why is it assistance by appointment?

We can not have 100 brokers calling in at one time. We would need four customer service agents, $160,000 per year and it would be you who would have to pay for it. Instead, we simply say "make an appointment."

Bring all your questions and concerns to this appointment. We have a checklist to go through with you and every single member to ensure you are taking advantage of the tools in an effective manner.

We find this provides a high quality of care for every single member. This is one on one assistance. And if for any reason you can not make the appointment because you have to go on an offer, simply change the time right up to the last minute, in the email confirmation.

We operate like a doctor's office every hour on the hour. Ten minutes before your time go to and click on Webinar Workshop and get into the meeting.

The time booked belongs to you.

If you get there late, we have another appointment right after you.

All members are very used to doing it now and we will make you comfortable.

I am your assistant

Please consider us as a personal marketing and information assistant to you personally.

We had the goal in 1992 to build a world service and here we are today in 2020 still learning and building. 

Thank you to everyone who has had the faith in us to pursue this dream of a world real estate broker and salesperson real estate networking service to serve the public. 

The list is so long to thank we are actually writing a book with interviews of members and the trials and tribulations they have had in real estate and how to overcome them all.


Welcome to our website

Get your information doing the work 24/7/365.

It is working smarter not harder.

People can search anytime, from anywhere on earth, and find your information almost instantly if you have it placed and updated less than 90 days old.

Reach a community of people with a like-minded interest in real estate who know the service since 1994.

They check in regularly on behalf of their buyers and sellers. And the public as well.

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