And then the deals started happening from the connections being made. Thirteen shopping centers sold in California, 17,000 acres in Peru, industrial building in Manitoba, connections to do deals that have not stopped.

Now brokers are making tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars and now over $1M.

And now recently sales $50M+ exceeding sales on most real estate boards in North America as far as I know. Basically outselling other services. What does this mean? Well if you want the highest and best price and terms for your propery, you must include in your marketing or you can be missing achieving the highest and best price and terms.

But in addition, it was the fourteen offers from all the major commercial companies in the Greater Toronto Area that had offers but it was the members on ICIWorld with their connections through ICIWorld that made it happen. $75M office building, development land, shopping center the broker said he got four calls from a real estate board, thirty-two calls through ICIWorld.

We know from "constructive criticism" that our websites can get wordy. A few like the extra explanations, but many do not. One, two, five seconds -- too much time to look.

That is a reason for some of our newer websites. I call them information tools for a broker's information toolbox.

I saw a Steve Jobs video recently. He said he tries to get technology and software out of the way so you can do your business. We are trying to do that now. This website is one of the latest efforts.

We keep all our websites going because they are all working and continue to trigger leads for members including the ones from 1994.

ICIWorld has been financing and investing these services for the real estate industry for 25 years. We could not in good conscience guarantee investors a return in the beginning if they invested $20M at that time. We could not guarantee that you could click on a listing and have it come up in 3 - 5 seconds at that time.

Now we have all the building blocks in place to operate world real estate networking services for organizations, associations, companies, professional designations, or any group for that matter.  It can do nothing but make your members money. They will always want to renew their membership with you when you know how we help.

Instead, we have been building from the ground up, learning. Dedicated servers that belong to ICIWorld, to the members. Global EMail List Servers just came online in November 2020!

See over 300 EMail List Servers that deliver information and serve every country in the world delivering Haves and Wants free by EMail.

Segmentation to display the Haves and Wants of your members whether it is a company, professional designation, chapter, or real estate board or association, we can now do it.

And list servers that deliver the information to subscribers. All working incredibly well.

And because we started from the ground up, we did not burden the company with any debt. But it has been a challenge. Low enough overhead to keep the prices down, Memberships have been consistent from 1994 as $40/month no contract or $319 per year. Why? We could provide it free but with ads popping up all the time. I just did not like that. Clean pure information being more desirable. We hope you like it. We know it works because we have brokers making tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars and now over $1M from the connections made.

There are now deals higher that most all real estate boards in Canada and among the highest probability in the USA, $50M+


Because of ICIWorld and the contributors to information technology. Founders of the Internet, Bill Gates and thousands of other companies, people, technology companies have contributed this built for you and me. Mega Millions of dollars and now you can reach people in 138 countries for $40. 

We would love to have you join us today and help you apply all these world information tools so we can hear about you doing your first deal using all this technology. The ability to communicate with thousands of people worldwide in an instant. And the integrity of the members, their due diligence, learning how to work information in a manner compatible with their real estate license and code of conduct. They protect the public and provide more choices for them. I marvel at it all to this day.

We love the opportunity to be of service.

Napoleon Hill, what the mind of man can conceive and believe, he can achieve.

Every real estate transaction that every real estate broker and salesperson conducts, benefits society by contributing to the GDP of a nation. They literally can get the economy going. In today's time pandemic they are the spirit to continue to make things happen.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.


We are looking for an entity to continue and grow this broker centric service to serve the public and we would like to help to continue to manage it and watch it grow.

Gary Nusca, CCIM, CIPS BIO