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We share our experience of helping over 1,000 brokers and salespeople since 1994 one-on-one in 1 hr. appointments daily and we share it with you how they are making tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars with some now making over $1M with sales higher than on a real estate board, namely $50M+.

A Global Service Provided By The ICIWorld Society Of Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople.

This website updated on July 11, 2020, powered by ICIWorld, operating since 1994.

Built for real estate brokers and salespeople to serve and network with buyers and sellers and the real estate industry worldwide in real-time.

The first thing we do when you join, you can have thousands of listings,  Have and Want real estate opportunities on your real estate website in a way that triggers leads for you. See Tools. This is real estate Lead Generation

Your business card contact information is available to the public just like in classified real estate ads in a newspaper including links to your website, listings where applicable and more. This is real estate Lead Generation.

Unlimited ads for member brokers and salespeople to a market of 4 billion people. This is lead generation.

All buyers and sellers in the world can post ads FREE in Database 2 FSBO Area. Contact information is available to member brokers only. $25M portfolios have been sold here as well as buyers making connections with Realtors for 7 plexes and much more. If a Realtor has a potential buyer for your property would you like them to call you? If a Realtor has a property that matches the description of what you are looking for, would you like them to call you? Then place your Haves and Wants. It is free. Go to the search page.

Filtering all real estate information through registered real estate brokers and salespeople in every state and province provides an element of consumer protection for the public.

Everyone on the planet earth can search this world database of real estate listings, Have and Want opportunities. This is 24-hour per day lead generation for members.

Started in 1994 conducting CCIM Have and Want marketing sessions at the Toronto Real Estate Board. Couldn't keep track of them all. Now we can. And if you missed attending a breakfast meeting, you missed opportunities and did not even realize it. Not any more. since 1994, powering this website and twenty others and more being built.

Member brokers and salespeople have agreed to share their listings, Have and Want opportunities on other brokers' websites. When you display them, you get the calls. This is real estate lead generation to do business and referrals.

We invite leaders of major real estate boards, associations, companies and/or whoever enjoys serving real estate brokers and salespeople to serve the public to contact us with regards to taking this service over and you providing this service worldwide. It can be run as a for-profit or non-profit. My only wish is to ensure it is worldwide. The benefits are enormous for the world because every trade in real estate contributes to the economic well being of people. (GDP)

We think real estate boards should provide this service for all its members. Most brokers and salespeople attendees of our Webinars and Seminars agree. See Comments.

Initial display of Listings, Haves and Wants are all less than 90 days old. Older listings that can be searched are used for networking purposes and result in sales that are not on the service.

Thousands of people from 138 countries search daily, monthly to make connections for new buyers and sellers. Average search time 2 minutes, 30 seconds to search and make connections with new buyers and sellers.

Real estate transactions range from 0-$50M+ This is higher than most all real estate boards and associations in the world. See testimonials. If your board has a higher one please let us know.

This is because one can network exclusive real estate opportunities as well as advertising regular real estate board listings.

All forms of real estate and business opportunities are transacted. This includes industrial, commercial, investment, apartments, shopping centres, office, residential real estate, business opportunities, farms, land, development land, recreational property and more, worldwide.

Realtors: Get your information working 24/7/365 by displaying your Have and Want information in a searchable world database operating since 1994. Otherwise, you can be missing doing transactions and not realize it. 30,000+ contacts at your fingertips.

Install the ICIWorld App and search daily for new Have and Want real estate and business opportunities worldwide.

200+ EMail List Servers are being built for every country in the world. Open to suggestions from the real estate industry.

This is one service that can increase revenue for every real estate office and all salespeople. It is because it is new business that is presently being missed by every real estate office.

How do you rate an ROI of making $100,000+ with an investment of $319 per year? See testimonials of brokers doing it. was the first real estate service on the Internet in 1994 helping real estate brokers and salespeople network with the public to do deals by building an Internet global searchable real estate database of information, a listing service to network their real estate opportunities worldwide in a confidential fashion as well as market their real estate board listings.

Ask for a Webinar for your real estate office or association.

Gary Nusca, CCIM, CIPS Founder and Manager (Since 1994) 416-214-4875

Time Is Money

We recommend a one time 60 minute orientation program conducted over the Internet by appointment. 

There are only two things you do once you have had our one-hour orientation program.

1. Search from time to time; 

2. Add, modify, delete listings from time to time.

Make connections, show properties, do deals. Do referrals.

That's it!

Oh! Yes. And cash your cheques at the bank.

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