It means lead generation for real estate brokers and salespeople, companies, organizations, and professional designations. Leads that lead to doing transactions and increasing your bottom line.

It is one thing to have the technology. It is quite another thing to learn how to use it. Experience learning from the industry, broker members, what works, what does not work since 1994 helping brokers use the Internet. See deals to $50M+ Some have done over 30 deals in the GTA But works for every area of the world. See Our Pledge.

Not all brokers "get it." We are here for the ones that want to. We are talking about a 1 hr. one-time meeting over the Internet to get it all set up, i.e., links for your website that work automatically triggering leads, how to place your Haves and Wants and modify them, how to search from time to time and get information in seconds, not even minutes that can make you money and help your prospects and clients.

We teach how to put technology to use. And most of it works automatically for you. Make an appointment for a demo, and we will show you.

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